Wellness & Physical Education

Wellness is a robust and active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy life.

This includes physical, emotional, social, and intellectual health. Summit School promotes and supports wellness through our program focus: developing our students’ ability to identify and make healthy choices throughout their lives.

Our programming provides both the opportunity to practice skills that contribute to healthy living and direct instruction for students to grow in their ability to make informed decisions for their health over time. In addition, coordination of services provided at Summit School aim to provide a healthy environment for students to learn and grow.

Physical Education

The physical education program at Summit School is designed to develop the whole child. Daily opportunities are provided for all students to develop a healthy, active lifestyle. The curriculum is a sequential progression designed to improve skill development, foster positive self-image, enhance students' ability to interact cooperatively, and help students to make healthy life choices.

Early Childhood
The focus in this division is movement. Students learn fair play, cooperation, risk taking, and sportsmanship. The activities in this division include fitness for lifetime health, rhythm activities, gymnastics skills and movement, locomotor skills, and beginner activities.

Lower School
In the Lower School, skill development, sportsmanship, teamwork, and fitness for lifetime health are emphasized. Our program continues to build on the foundations established in the Early Childhood Division. Units in this division allow for introduction to and mastery of various activities. Students will have many opportunities to develop skills and strategies.

Upper School
In the Upper School, all students participate in our wellness program. This includes physical education, health, nutrition, and guidance. Our physical education program continues to develop from the Lower School program with a focus on skill development, sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal fitness for lifetime health. Monthly units give the students opportunities to develop skills, understand the game and/or activity, and work as teammates. Summit students develop the skills and knowledge to be healthy, active adults. They gain the fundamentals required to achieve this goal in our physical education program.

Wellness Curriculum

In Lower School, classroom guidance is an integral part of the wellness program through which students are learn and practice life skills assist students with decision making, being aware of healthy choices, and developing positive peer relationships. Guidance lessons are taught through whole class instruction, small groups, and integrated into daily student life through use of the Responsive Classroom approach.

Collaboration between the school nurse, food services, and PE staff ensure our students are exposed to the many facets of life that affect wellness. Students explore healthy foods options, a variety of ways to stay fit and active, self-calming and mindfulness skills, and general health and hygiene.

Our Upper School Wellness Curriculum incorporates:

  • Movement & Physiology
  • Community & Friendships
  • Nutrition
  • Mindfulness
Our 9th graders have the option for a 1/2 credit online Health course.

Guidance and Counseling

The Counseling staff supports the entire faculty in preparing students to reach their full potential by helping them become responsible and respectful friends, teammates, classmates, family members and citizens.

The Summit School Counselors partner with parents, teachers, and administrators to foster students’ emotional, social, moral, and cognitive development. The counselors lead guidance activities and coordinate guidance-related programs in all divisions of the school.

Counseling Staff

Bekah Sidden

Bekah Sidden

Elizabeth Turner

Elizabeth Turner

Class of 1990

Nursing and Health Services

Summit is fortunate to have Registered Nurses on staff. The Health and Nursing Office is located between the Main Office and Kindergarten classrooms.

Nursing Staff

Jennifer del Valle

Jennifer del Valle

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson