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Steve Harberger

At Summit Since 2014

BSID, Philadelphia College of Art- UArts

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My primary role at Summit

I teach the Upper School Design Studio, Grades 5-9

Most memorable teaching moment

It’s impossible to single one moment out, I always value the times where students surprise me. I love presenting them with open ended challenges and watching where they take them. Inevitably there are a set of solutions that show up time and again, but the special moments for me are when a student sees something no one else has and tries a whole new approach. It may work, it may not but in that moment they were open to a new possibility.

Hardly anyone at Summit knows

I played Gaelic Football with the Winston Salem Wolfhounds.

What my students call me

Mr Hamburger is pretty common with the younger students. But I get a lot of other names as well. I keep a list in my classroom. So far this year I’ve been - Mr. Culp, Mr. Heidtmann, Mr. Tucker, Mr. Felten, Mr. Petronzio, Mr. V, Mr. Mac, Mr. Ward, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Stackhouse, Ms. Hamburger, Dr. Harberger and Dad.

Favorite place on Summit campus

Loma Hopkins Theater. I get to see a different side of students there. Whether it’s a musical, a Soul Food performance, or a 9th Grade speech, I get a glimpse into how they see themselves and what they want to share with the world.

I knew I wanted to work at Summit when

Chris Culp had asked me to design a curriculum for part of the 8th grade studio. After I delivered the finished unit he asked if I’d like to teach it. I was hooked. The Summit environment is rich with curious, energetic, engaged students. Seeing how students respond to the challenges, what they take away, what unexpected questions they ask, the connections they make with their classroom studies, finding new ways to frame something that didn’t make sense for them - it’s endlessly fascinating.