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Dominique Patrick

At Summit Since 2013


MD, University of Berne
MAT, Salem College

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My primary roles at Summit

4th and 5th grade Advanced Math Teacher, Lower School Math Curriculum Coordinator

Most memorable Summit field trip

My most memorable field trip would have to be a STEM trip to the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Students experienced hands on math and physics concepts previously taught in class, then after watching NASCAR cars practicing on the track, we drove the 1.5 mile  track in vans and experienced the 24 degree banking of the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Professional accomplishment I'm most proud of

Getting my doctorate in Medicine, becoming a board certified pathologist and my Masters of Arts in Teaching.

Hardly anyone at Summit knows that

I grew up in Bern, Switzerland and as a high school student I worked during winter break as ski instructor for young children. I am also a Girl Scout Leader - I started a troop with Daisies and now they are Ambassadors, most of them having earned their Girl Scout Gold Award.

What I wanted to be when I grew up (7-10 years old)

An Opera singer

My favorite project the students are working on this year

My favorite 4th grade is the circle design- students are creating a design consisting of polygons circumscribed within one another using a ruler, a compass, protractor and colored pencils. My favorite 5th grade project is the race car project - students use the design process to create a wooden car, conduct time trials, analyze the data and finally enter the car into our Bracket race.