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Dack Stackhouse

At Summit Since 1995

BA, Davidson College
MEd, Wake Forest University

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My primary roles at Summit

Teacher: 6th grade 95-98 (social studies 95-96; Language Arts 96-98);
7th grade 2005-2013 (social studies and one year 9th grade social studies during that period);
6-8th grade 2013-present (language arts and language tutorial, with a year of social studies during that period)

Hardly anyone at Summit knows that

I worked in schools for Burmese refugees (in Thailand) for four years and that I am learning Greek language on my own (with help from my wife and her family, who are Greek)

A book, film, work of art, or piece of music I cannot imagine life without

The record album Roxy and Elsewhere by Frank Zappa and the Mothers

My favorite project the students are working on this year

Making Mythology - the 7th grade Signature Experience

One thing I want all my students to know when they leave my classroom

That language arts is an art, not a science.
WYPIWYGO (what you put in, is what you get out); be responsible and think about others.