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Christy Hemby

At Summit Since 2009

BS, Wake Forest University
MAT, Salem College

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My primary roles at Summit

Lead Teacher, 2nd Grade; and Cross Country Coach

Most memorable teaching moment

Dr. Ebeling was in our classroom for an observation and a student raised his hand to explain a math word problem. He stood up and explained it perfectly while karate chopping his way across the room and back. Summit provides an environment where movement is acceptable and understood with brain research.

Hardly anyone at Summit knows that

I taught here, moved away, taught here, moved away and returned a third time. I think I must be the only person hired 3 times.

What I wanted to be when I grew up (7-10 years old)

A dolphin trainer

Two words I would use to embody who I am/aim to be

Kind and positive

The most important thing to bring to school

A layer of clothing :)