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Team Sports

The Team Sports Program is committed in developing the whole child. Properly conceived, directed, and coached, interscholastic athletics provide student-athletes with experiences and lessons that cannot be duplicated in the classroom. Our program develops the physical, mental, and social skills of our student-athletes and helps them understand the true meaning of team and team cooperation. Our program also promotes a positive self-image for each student.

In the Upper School, our student-athletes have a chance to participate and compete interscholastically on as many as three sport teams each year. The goals of interscholastic athletics are to provide opportunities for student-athletes to display positive sportsmanship, exhibit teamwork, showcase skill development, and to compete with other schools.

Summit School believes that all students should have the opportunity to join an athletic team. Each season, there will be at least one team for girls and one team for boys that will not have a roster cap. If a student does not make a team in his or her sport of choice, an opportunity is still afforded to join an interscholastic team. It is important to the Team Sports Program to provide the student-athlete with a positive experience, and therefore, roster caps are placed on some teams during each sport season.

The Summit Team Sports Program strives to maximize the number of student-athletes participating while maintaining a quality program. Our interscholastic programs are designed to be competitive, while meeting the developmental needs of our student-athletes. Participants earn the right to play in interscholastic competition through proper attendance, work ethic, and attitude. Playing time is at the discretion of the coach, with a focus on providing each player with as much quality playing time as possible.