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Brandi Jacques,

Brandi is a performer, a teacher, and a lifelong learner. Her primary instrument is piano and her PhD is in music education. Brandi has been teaching for over 35 years. She ran her own successful music school in Toronto for many years before having a family and moving to Winston-Salem. In addition to playing and teaching music, Brandi loves to challenge herself in sports. For many years, Brandi was a dog sport competitor, representing Canada on the 2006 National Agility Team. She taught dog training, agility handling and her own course, I Am, I Can, I Will: Peak Performance through Mental Management. A regular contributor for Dogs in Canada and DogSport magazines, Brandi was also a media go-to, frequently called on for interviews or as a handler performing on camera with her dog.

Since moving to North Carolina, Brandi has taken up martial arts and tennis. She holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has taught many young martial artists. Currently, Brandi is focused on tennis, training daily and competing regularly. Brandi played in the 2019 USTA North Carolina State Championships and coached Summit Eagles Girls Tennis in the Fall of 2020. She eagerly anticipates the Spring 2021 season!

Brandi’s Personal Coaching Mission Statement:
I coach because I want to share what I’ve learned. I love to ignite passion in others, for their sport and for their own development. My goal is to inspire and empower, to demonstrate that anything is possible with hard work, perseverance and a positive mindset. I want students to realize their potential, to bring it out and share it. I want them to experience the joy of accomplishment, the thrill of setting goals and achieving them, and the wisdom in learning from mistakes. I believe in the power of sport to teach confidence, tenacity, integrity, humility, respect, and teamwork. I am honored to play such an important part in each student’s development.