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Athletics Team


Athletics Teams


Ryan Mihalko,

Ryan first came to Summit in 2001 and has served in many capacities including Athletic Director and coach of basketball, football, golf, track & field and lacrosse. Ryan has a storied athletic career winning multiple HS state championships at Pinkerton Academy, being inducted in the New Hampshire HS Hall of Fame, playing football and winning a national title with Notre Dame in 1988 and also competing in the Javelin for the Irish where he still holds the record. Ryan is an avid Notre Dame, WFU and Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

Personal Coaching Mission Statement: I coach to help student-athletes change their mental approach to a challenge, to realize their potential as an athlete/person, and to achieve their best each and every day.

Andy Fansler,

Andy has a rich coaching career in athletics spending 12 years with Forsyth County Broncos football and RJR Varsity football before coming to Summit. Andy also coaches basketball and softball. Andy is an avid fan of UVA, NC State and Clemson.

Personal Coaching Mission Statement: I coach to help young people learn the value of teamwork, to gain self-confidence, to let them know others believe in them, and to believe in themselves.

Jason Felten,

Jason came to Summit in 2012 and has coached golf, lifetime sports and currently coaches football. He previously coached at Westchester Day School. Jason is an avid fan of the Chicago Bears.

Personal Coaching Mission Statement: I coach to create a sense of belonging among teammates, to foster an enjoyment of competition and challenge, and to strengthen the athlete's character.