Philosophy & Policies

At Summit, our athletic philosophy can be summed up in one word: balance. We aim to find balance in everything we do from building young men and women of character to developing competitors who practice and play with excellence in mind. We pride ourselves on giving students opportunities to try a new sport. We also don’t shy away from competing to win. It is our aim to build character, skill and community through our athletic program. We offer many opportunities for all Summit students to grow and compete.

We are also committed to hiring skilled coaches who build rich relationships with our student-athletes. Our coaching staff is comprised of full-time Summit staff and part-time community coaches who model the character and behavior we expect from our student-athletes.


Students with an unexcused absence or who are late to school will not be allowed to participate in practices or games on that day. Excused absences include doctor and/or dental appointments, etc. Unexcused absences will result in loss of playing time.

Awards Day

At the end of each sports season, we hold an awards assembly recognizing team and individual accomplishments. Our Sports Awards Days for 2018-2019 are October 15, February 11, and May 6. All assemblies begin at 8:15 am in the Loma Hopkins Theatre.

Code of Conduct

Expectations of Athletes - Summit athletes share a commitment to themselves, their teammates and to the school. Student-athletes are expected to exhibit:

  • Respect - For oneself, teammates, coaches, opponents, officials, fans, team managers, bus drivers and athletic staff.
  • Responsibility - By attending practices/games, being on time every day and being prepared to improve in skill level and knowledge of the sport. Athletes are expected to adhere to the school rules and expectations as stated in the Upper School Handbook. Anyone in violation of this policy will be subject to severe consequences.
  • Sportsmanship - Every action, body language, attitude and spoken word is a reflection of oneself and a reflection of the school. Student-athletes should be committed to being the “bigger” person in difficult situations.

Expectations of Parents - Summit parents are expected to support the coach, all student-athletes, athletic policies, and game officials. Parents are encouraged to cheer on Summit teams while refraining from verbally abusing game officials or the opposing team. Finally, parents who have concerns about their child’s athletic experience should first contact the coach and, if unresolved, follow-up with the Athletic Director. Appropriate topics to discuss with your child's coach include your child's safety, skill improvement, and behavior concerns. It is not appropriate to discuss your child's playing time, team strategy, calling of plays, or other student-athletes. Parents who wish to meet with a coach should never do so immediately following a game but are encouraged to wait 24 hours and then reach out to the coach directly.

Contact Info

For all team sports inquiries, please contact your child’s coach in season.

For general information and additional inquiries contact Director of Athletics, Ken Shaw, at 721-0540 x 1031 or at


While Summit tries to limit additional costs above and beyond tuition for athletic participation, all student-athletes are charged $100 per sports season upon participation. All fees are billed at the end of each sports season.

Important Dates 2018-2019

August 1: Football practice begins 6:00 - 8:00pm

August 13 - 17: All Fall sports practices begins 3:30 - 5pm

August 20: Meet the Fall Coaches at 5:30pm on the practice field

October 12: Last Day of Fall Sports

October 15-26: No Sports

Oct. 29-Nov. 2: Winter Sports Tryout Days for Basketball (6th - 9th) and Swimming (6th- 9th) 3:30 - 5 pm

November 26: Lifetime Sports begin

February 8: Last Day of Winter Sports

February 11-22: No Sports

February 25: Spring sports practice begins 3:30 - 5pm

May 3: Last Day of Spring Sports; No Sports for remainder of school year

Inclement Weather Policy/Alerts

If rain, snow, ice or other inclement weather impacts the practice or game schedule, the Sports Zone will be updated as soon as the school has all necessary information to make an informed decision. Please keep in mind that safety is our top priority and will steer our decisions if changes need to be made. Parents are also encouraged to visit the How to use Alerts athletic webpage to sign up for alerts when changes are made.

Lifetime Sports

Lifetime Sports at Summit School exists to give students exposure to physical fitness activities, off-campus recreation, and non-traditional sports with the goal of staying physically active for life. Activities include but are not limited to archery, bowling, personal fitness, hiking, zip lining, skeet shooting, biking, ultimate, yoga, snow skiing, and disc golf.

Athletic Trainer

Summit's athletic trainers are supplied by Select Medical. They are on campus from 2:45pm until the last game or practice is complete.

Participation Policy

Students are encouraged to participate each season on a Summit team sports during the year. Participation is not required.

Pickup from Practice/Games

Pickup from practices takes place in the main carpool circle at 5:15 pm on practice days and at appointed times from away games. Students are free to carefully use the crosswalk or simply walk to their parents car by curbside to be picked up. Parents who do not pick up on time from practice days will be charged an extra fee.

Pickup from away games also takes place in the main carpool circle. Students are allowed to bring their cell phones to away games for the sole purpose of calling/texting parents the approximate time they will return to school. Any inappropriate use of cell phones by students will be subject to severe consequences.

Pre-Season Parents Meetings

At the conclusion of the first week of practice, all parents are asked to meet with their child’s coach for a pre-season parents meeting at the end of practice. These meetings will be brief and informal and will include the following: coach’s expectations for practice/game participation, electing a team mom/dad, reviewing the team schedule and reviewing any sport rules that may make viewing more enjoyable.

Post-season Awards/Team Parties

We encourage each team to hold a fun and informal team party during the last week of practice (including awards day, before or after team pictures). The purpose is to highlight each student-athlete’s participation and team accomplishments. A simple gift for each coach may be presented during this event.

Sports Physical

Students must complete the Summit School health form before participating each year. There is no separate sports physical form. One form clears students with the nurse's office and to participate in sports.


Sports By Season

Fall Sports


  • Cross Country


  • Football
  • Soccer


  • Field Hockey
  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Winter Sports


  • Lifetime Sports
  • Swimming


  • Basketball
  • Wrestling


  • Basketball
  • Gymnastics

Spring Sports


  • Golf
  • Track & Field


  • Baseball
  • Lacrosse
  • Tennis


  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Softball


Summit provides transportation for all athletic teams to away games. Certified drivers are hired to drive longer distances, allowing coaches to build relationships with students and prepare for the game. Families are charged a $100 fee per season per child and transportation costs are part of the fee. Families are billed at the end of each season.

Try-out and Cut Policy

Participating on a sports team provides the student-athlete an experience in skill development, sportsmanship and teamwork. We strive to provide athletic opportunities for all eligible students.

Some of our teams have a cap that requires cuts in the number of players so that all team members have a meaningful experience. A tryout period will be held at the beginning of each season and, if cuts are necessary, the head coach will inform all players of their status on the team on the last day of tryouts. Athletes who do not make the team of their choice may tryout for another team if there is space on the roster.


Parents are encouraged to follow @SummitNCEagles on Twitter as scores and important announcements will be tweeted throughout the year.


Summit provides Champion apparel uniforms for all school teams. Students keep and care for uniforms during the season and coaches collect all uniforms following the last game. Exceptions to this are boys tennis and golf who keep their shirts.

Varsity & JV

We field both a Varsity (V) and Junior Varsity (JV) team if there are enough players. Sports that consistently field two teams are field hockey, volleyball, boys soccer, and boys lacrosse. Basketball fields four boys teams and three girls teams.


The Athletics section of the Summit website offers a wealth of helpful information, such as:

  • teams and schedules,
  • sign up to receive event alerts,
  • directions to away games,
  • Sports Zone and daily results from previous events and schedule changes.
  • photo gallery,
The Athletics pages at should be your first source of information, as they are updated daily.