Our website allows you to sign up for email and/or text message reminders (alerts) to receive updates on any of our athletic teams' schedules.

We invite you to view this video tutorial and read the following information to better understand how to get the most from our alerts system.

To sign up as a new user

First navigate to the athletic team page you would like to get alerts for. Click on the Alerts button.

Complete the New Users fields on the login screen:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Choose password
  • Verify password

Click "Continue"

NOTE: your email address will become your username.

Once you have created your account, you will use your username (email address) and password each time you wish to add a new alert or when you wish to change your settings.

To login to manage profile, the user will:

Complete the Site Login fields with existing login credentials:

  • Username
  • Password

Click "Login"

When logged in, you will have access to three tabs: My Profile, My Account, and My Subscriptions.

My Profile
This tab will allow you to view and edit your profile. There is really no need at this point to fill in anything other than your name.

In order to receive a text message alert, you must add a valid text-enabled phone number to the Contact area

To enable text message alerts, you will:

  • Enter a valid text-enabled phone number
  • Click "Enable Text Msg"
  • Read the popup message and click OK to continue
  • From the drop down box, the user chooses the appropriate cellular phone service provider
  • Click "Update Profile"
  • A 6-digit verification code will be sent to the user's cell phone
  • Click the "Verify" link
  • Enter the code in the confirmation box
  • Click the "Verify" button
  • After the number has been verified, a green checkmark will appear.

NOTE: No messages will be sent until the verification code has been entered. Also, alerts are sent at no charge to the school, but you may incur charges from the cellular provider. Most cellular phone companies charge for receiving text messages by a "per message" charge. You should make certain of your status with your cellular provider before signing up for these notifications.

My Account
Under the My Account tab, you can update his/her password.

To update password:

  • Populate the needed fields
    • Current Password
    • New Password
    • Confirm New Password

Click "Update"

My Subscriptions
Under the My Subscriptions tab, you can manage current subscriptions and alerts for various teams.

To sign up for athletic team and event alerts

Entire athletic teams can be added to your Alerts Manager. You can be informed of cancellations, postponements, score, and recaps for all events on the Team Schedule page.

To add an athletic team, you will:

  • Navigate to the desired team's Team Schedule page
  • Click the Alerts button just below the page heading
  • Login to manage subscriptions
  • Define the Alert Settings
  • Click "Update Settings"

Specific athletic events can be added to the user's Alerts Manager. Users will be informed of cancelations, postponements, score, and recaps.

To add a specific athletic event, the user will:

  • Navigate to the school calendar that pulls in the athletics schedules
  • Click the bell to the right of the event title
  • Login to manage subscriptions
  • Define the Alert Settings
  • Click "Update Settings"

To remove the alert, the user will

  • Login into manage subscriptions
  • Click the red X to the left of the subscription/alert
  • Click OK to confirm
  • The page will refresh and the subscription/alert will be gone.