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Kindergarten Fall Sing


Lower School students at Summit explore their musicianship in a variety of ways. They:

  • Compose
  • Improvise
  • Listen with awareness
  • Move in creative and structured ways
  • Sing using a beautiful head tone with expression
  • Play a variety of percussion instruments, a soprano recorder and ukuleles

Upper School students make a choice in 6th grade about how they will continue their music education. Students choose between band, chorus and music exploration. 7th and 8th graders then make the decision to continue in a band or chorus ensemble for those years. 9th grade students can participate in a musical with the theater department.

Music literacy is developed in a variety of ways including speaking rhythms with the Takadimi system and singing the diatonic scale with sulfege and hand signs. The National Core Music Standards are the foundation for the music program.

Integrated Units
4th Grade musicians experience and explore music from the Colonial Period in conjunction with the Patriot’s Day event. The Living Biographies project sends students on a journey through music history to connect with and appreciate music from several centuries.

5th Grade musicians experience and explore music from Chinese, Irish and American Folk traditions in conjunction with their American Immigration unit.

7th Grade musicians connect with the music of the Medieval Period using hand drums, various sizes of recorders and Morris dance. They also learn about asymmetrical meters and the tradition of Greek dance during the Greek Cultures unit.

Summit Singers Choral Ensembles
Summit Singers chorus ensembles work to learn choral technique and performance skills through singing and studying a wide array of music. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade choruses build upon the music literacy foundations from lower school. Two and three part harmony singing skills are explored and solidified.

Choruses perform two concerts each year. In addition, groups perform around Winston-Salem at sports events, retirement communities, and special events in the community. Festivals for adjudication are attended each year.