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girl playing guitar


Music is an important part of the life and culture of Summit School. Because we believe that music is vital in educating the whole child, all of our students have the opportunity to study and make music during their years here. No matter the grade, the main components of the music curriculum are:

  • Creating, performing, and responding as part of the artistic process which serves to develop collaboration, partnership, and a sense of community.  

  • Singing, listening, moving, and playing instruments which provide opportunities for learning and doing.  

  • Music literacy to train eyes and ears for music making. 

  • Diverse repertoire which connects to the world beyond us.

  • Joyful discovery through analysis, interpretation, and performance.

Students in Early Childhood have music twice a week in their classrooms. Lower School students have a schedule that allows for a comprehensive, sequential curriculum. This continues into the Upper School where students choose between Choral and Instrumental/Digital music. They can continue this course of study through the 9th grade.

These experiences are the building blocks that lead students at Summit to discover their own musical voice. Our goal is to send our students out as lifelong learners, consumers, and makers of music with skills in collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. Music education plays a vital role at Summit School towards the development of these skills. Above all else, joy is our first learning objective and creates the base upon which everything else can grow.