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Theatre Arts

Willy Wonka

Theatre Arts

Our performing arts program includes performance opportunities in both music and drama in our two main performance spaces: the 300-seat Loma Hopkins Theatre and the 75-seat black box theatre.

Drama education begins in 4th grade, with major main-stage performances in 4th, 6th, and 8th-9th grades. Drama productions run the gamut from original plays by Summit alumnus, nationally known children's playwright Charlie Lovett '77, to Broadway style musicals, readings of Greek tragedies, and adaptations of classic literature.

Music, Dance, and Drama are also incorporated into the curriculum through the study of cultures such as Native Americans, Pioneers, Ancient Greeks, and medieval Europeans. Performance is also part of our audio and video production program, which includes writing, filming, and editing original films; recording radio dramas; and writing and presenting news broadcasts.