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Design & Technology

2nd graders programming We Do robots

Design & Technology

In 1st through 4th grades, students have design and technology class as part of their studio rotation. Our choice to teach design and technology together is intentional. The two subject areas often intersect with technology serving as an instrument for design, and design thinking guiding the use of technology.

Our design program teaches problem solving, collaboration, empathy and perseverance through simple engineering design challenges. Students learn to use SketchUp and Tinkercad for 3D design. Our goal is for our students to be creators, innovators and problem solvers.

Technology has become pervasive in our lives. Our students have never known a time without iPhones and smart watches. Our challenge as educators is to guide students in using that technology in the most positive ways. We emphasize digital citizenship and coding in lower grades. Through digital citizenship discussions and activities students learn to communicate and collaborate safely and responsibly. Through coding, students learn problem solving, creativity and perseverance (the very skills we strive to cultivate in design). In 5th grade, students have Digital Life Skills during studio rotation. This class focuses on using Google suite apps, along with continuing coding and digital citizenship.