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Arts, Design & Technology: Maker, Media, Performing, and Visual

Summit School celebrates the Arts

We believe that the arts are an essential language that allow children to reach full capacity and thus, experience in the arts is central to the student experience. Our arts program which students experience in ‘studio,' is led by our artists in residence who nurture engaged learners to:

  • explore the role of artist, designer, musician, thespian, photographer, sculptor, potter, programmer, maker, broadcaster, inventor;
  • take the arts seriously and support the spirit of discovery;
  • inquire deeply and take creative risks that value process as well as product;
  • develop students’ sensitivity and perception to the world around them;
  • engage in the local arts community;
  • help communicate the ideas and emotions of the human spirit; and
  • critique and respond to artists.

Summit’s arts program engages students in active and complex learning while fostering broad dispositions and habits of mind.

Summit students visit these classes through their studio rotation.