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Inspiring Learning Series

Our community is not limited to the teachers, children and parents who learn together on our campus each day. Nor does it end at the edges of our campus.

The Inspiring Learning Series creates a way to extend to the wider community the invitation to learn, ask questions and have meaningful conversations. Together we can think about how to be lifelong learners in our rapidly changing world.

The Inspiring Learning Series is a tangible way to strengthen the parent-school partnership. It is a REAL way for parents to have a voice in the education of their children. It is intended to reach out to the entire Winston-Salem/Forsyth County community (and beyond). It is designed to raise questions such as these:

  • What do we need to know to be better parents, educators and advocates for our children?
  • What can we all learn together?
  • What can we share and learn from others in our community?
  • How can we translate ideas into actions that transform our entire community?

Summit is a vibrant community that creates islands of competence for children and adults each day. The spirit of the school is so robust that it has been said that Summit must be experienced "live" to be fully appreciated. We invite you to join us and, instantly, see the truth of this.

Stay Tuned for Future 2018 Events

Past events....

Spring 2017 Inspiring Learning Series

Tuesday, April 25, 7 pm
Loma Hopkins Theatre
Join us for a screening of the award-winning film, Beyond Measure.

From the producers:

Every day we hear stories about America’s troubled education system. And we’re told that in order to fix what’s broken, we need to narrow our curricula, standardize our classrooms, and find new ways to measure students and teachers. But what if these “fixes” are making our schools worse.

In Beyond Measure, we set out to challenge the assumptions of our current education story.

Rather than ask why our students fail to measure up, this film asks us to reconsider the greater purpose of education. What if our education system valued personal growth over test scores? Put inquiry over mimicry? Encouraged passion over rankings? What if we decided that the higher aim of school was not the transmission of facts or formulas, but the transformation of every student? And what if this paradigm-shift was driven from the ground up? By students, parents, and educators? By all of us?

In Beyond Measure, we find a revolution brewing in public schools across the country. From rural Kentucky to New York City, schools that are breaking away from an outmoded, test-driven education are shaping a new vision for our classrooms. These are schools that see critical thinking, communication, exploration, experimentation, collaboration, and creativity as the key to good education. And they are dramatically improving outcomes for children of all backgrounds. They are schools where practically every student graduates and goes on to finish college.

Beyond Measure offers a positive picture of what’s possible in American education when communities decide they are ready for change. Are you?