Afterschool Program

Summit Afterschool strives to engage the whole child with a carefully designed schedule that gives students plenty of time to create, play, move and learn. Experienced staff members supervise all programs and diligently oversee the safety and well being of each child. Students have the chance to experience school with a little less structure and enjoy an extra dose of hands-on indoor/outdoor activities. There is a built-in home study time for older students and opportunities for each child to explore and develop his or her own interests. Parents and students can choose from a variety of program options to create the ideal schedule.

*Enrollment for Eaglets (3 year olds) in Afterschool programs is considered on a case by case basis. Please contact Janice Weiss, Director of Afterschool to make a request at


Before School

7 to 8 am (Eaglets* - 9th)
This program is designed to give students a positive start to the school day. The instructor is sensitive to the individual needs of the youngest to the oldest students as they make an early transition from home to school. The program is a relaxing place to make new friends, catch up on homework and enjoy the offerings of the main Afterschool room. Students are dismissed or escorted to their classrooms as the program comes to an end.

*Eaglets are students enrolled in our 3 year old program.

Eaglets, Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten Early Afternoon

1:30 to 3 pm (Eaglets*, JrK and K)
Eaglets, Junior Kindergarten, and Kindergarten students start their afternoon in one of our main Afterschool rooms, rotating through various indoor activity stations. Children socialize and work together as they build, create, relax and play. This early afternoon program ends with a play period on the front playground followed by dismissal at the 3 pm car ferry. Eaglets and Junior Kindergarten students who stay past 3 pm have a rest time on mats during the second half of this program.

*Eaglets are students enrolled in our 3 year old program.

Three-Thirty Express

3 to 3:30 pm (Eaglets* - 5th Grade)
This program is designed for Lower School students who await the Upper School dismissal time. The Three-Thirty Express is a helpful service to parents who prefer one pick-up time for Lower and Upper School students. At 3 pm, children gather in a designated room to relax, socialize or work on homework before heading to the 3:30 pm car ferry. (Eaglets, Jrk or K students can enroll into this program but will remain with their Afterschool class until the 3:30 car ferry.)

*Eaglets are students enrolled in our 3 year old program.

Lower School Afternoon

3 to 5:45 pm (Eaglets* - 5th Grade)
This program begins with children reporting to three different Afterschool locations based on grade level for indoor/outdoor play and snack. Our 2nd-5th graders will have a 30 minute home study time before splitting up into three activity groups focused on tinkering, drama and woodworking. Our younger students (Eaglets - 1st) will enjoy a story time before splitting up in their own activity groups including art, food exploration and games. The afternoon ends with more time on the playground or gym. At the end of every week, students enjoy Fun Friday with no home study time and special events.

*Eaglets are students enrolled in our 3 year old program.

Extended Day Program

3:30 to 5:45 pm (6th- 9th Grade)
This is a supervised drop-in only Afterschool Program for Upper School students (6th - 9th Grade) who are not involved in school sponsored activities. At dismissal time, students report to the second floor library for check-in and snack. Students have plenty of time to study, socialize and attend sporting events. This is the perfect place for athletes on seasonal break or students waiting for a late ride home. Students can join this program throughout the afternoon as clubs and sports come to an end. Parents can sign-out students by calling or visiting the main Afterschool room.