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Triad Academy at Summit School Scholarships and Endowment

Named Annual Scholarships

The goal of Triad Academy is to teach bright children the skills they need to return to a traditional classroom within two to three years. As a school of need, not choice, a Triad Academy education is expensive, with an annual tuition of $35,000. With an enrollment of 100 full time students, each year we provide financial aid to more than twenty-five percent of our families. However, there are many we have to turn away because we do not have the resources to accommodate the demand for tuition assistance.

Triad Academy receives funding from the Summit School financial aid budget. However, there is a $125,000 gap between the budget and our annual need. By creating a named annual scholarship fund, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact in the life of a child by giving him or her the opportunity to attend Triad Academy.

A Named Annual Scholarship Fund

A named annual scholarship is designated to meet the immediate financial aid needs of an individual student or students. Unlike endowed scholarships, an annual scholarship is awarded only as long as the donor chooses to contribute to the fund.

Establishing Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship donors have the opportunity to choose the name of the scholarship and the level of giving within the established parameters. Scholarship donors do not necessarily know the identity of the student(s) receiving an award, but will be updated on the impact of scholarship commitments.

Triad Academy Viewbook

Triad Academy Endowment

As one of only two schools in North Carolina, and one of fewer than 20 schools in the U.S accredited by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators, Triad Academy at Summit School is a unique and unparalleled community asset.

Dyslexics are bright and very capable of learning. To be effective, their teachers must be trained in research-based methods proven effective in teaching students how to break down and then reassemble the parts of words in the English language. Intensive instruction, with the necessary low student-teacher ratios, is costly to provide.

Because we believe that all students should have the opportunity to access the program provided by Triad’s highly skilled faculty, we are determined to keep tuition as low as possible and to maintain a scholarship fund for families demonstrating financial need. We rely on the generosity of our families, faculty, board members and community leaders to help underwrite the true, full costs of a Triad Academy at Summit School education, to expand program offerings, to enhance technology and to support faculty development.

Please help us both meet our current needs and build toward our future by considering a tax-deductible contribution to Triad Academy at Summit School.


Please contact Karen Pranikoff, Director of Admission and Development for Triad Academy at Summit School, to give or for more information. She can be reached at or 336-722-2777.

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