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Giving to Summit is a tradition as old as our school. Founded in 1933, Summit has grown and flourished through the generosity of generations of families and friends who make Summit a philanthropic priority. The active partnership between the School and our parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends has resulted in an educational experience that prepares graduates who excel in high school, college and adult life.

Summit's academic excellence and current strength are a direct result of the financial and volunteer support we receive from our constituents. Summit relies on financial support beyond tuition to fulfill its mission and keep our programs accessible to a wide range of families.

The Summit Fund 2023

There are many meaningful ways to support Summit School.

The Summit Fund is the primary way for alumni, parents, grandparents, past parents, and friends to support the annual operations of our school. By giving, you help Summit take advantage of mission-driven, real-time innovations that keep a Summit education dynamic - both in and out of the classroom. These are direct benefits to our students right now and enhance their lives on Summit's campus every day.

The Patrons for Tomorrow Society recognizes past parents, grandparents, alumni, parents and friends who have demonstrated their commitment to Summit's future by establishing planned gifts or including Summit as a charitable recipient of their bequests.

Summit’s endowment funds, established in 1959, have grown to more than $16,500,000 and generate $800,000 annually for the operating budget. These funds enable Summit to respond quickly to needs and keep the school innovative.

Don't forget - make your gift go twice as far! Matching gifts from your employer are a great way to leverage additional dollars to support Summit. Please check with your company to see if they offer matching gifts, or let us know if we can assist you with this process. Remember that gifts from spouses and retirees may also be eligible.

Summit School is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization, and all gifts are tax-exempt. Please consider supporting Summit - your gift can:

  • make a difference in the lives of students, teachers and staff;
  • honor a teacher, parent or student;
  • show loyalty and pride in Summit;
  • give back to Summit.

Each gift allows today's students to experience scholarship at its best, developing confidence in who they are and all they can be.

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