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The Value of Summit

An independent school is a true investment in your child. The faculty, staff, administration and board at Summit feel privileged each day to live our mission: Summit School provides a challenging curriculum within a caring environment to help students develop their full potential. Summit has more than 80 years with a history of excellence and innovation that inspires us to challenge and support each child.

Independent schools allow parents and children to decide what they want from a school, and then find a school that has a mission – the school’s philosophy, values and approach to teaching – that meets those needs.

Independent in governance meaning that the school is organized as not-for-profit and is governed by a self-perpetuating board of directors. Independent in finance meaning that the school charges tuition and raises money to operate, as opposed to being supported primarily by public monies or religious subsidies.

At an independent school, the staff, the parents, and the students share a belief system about education, and the resulting synergy among parents and educators creates a learning experience superior to schools not mission-driven.

No less important is the fact that independent schools operate under the highest method of accountability: since no family is compelled to select an independent school, if the school fails in its mission, any family can leave that school and choose another option for their child. Independent schools can only survive if they are extraordinarily successful at achieving their mission.

At Summit, our educators’ daily work with children, families and colleagues creates habits of mind that our students carry with them the rest of their lives. The Summit experience transforms students through our enduring, stable values which bring to life our fundamental commitment to inspiring learning.


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