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A Summit Graduate

Summit School prides itself in its ability to create leaders for our future. A Summit education brings with it a deep experience in active learning with real life problems to solve. Each graduate takes with him or her enduring confidence for a lifetime of learning and leadership.

Summit graduates embody our Core Competencies. They are prepared, honorable, curious, accepting, and socially responsible.

They leave our Three-year-old through 9th grade program with skills for high school, college and, most importantly, life. They become scientists, engineers, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, military Generals, and Broadway stars. Many of our graduates directly credit Summit for the inspiration to follow their interests to successful and enriching careers.

In our most recent issue of Echoes, you will read about Summit alums who seize the opportunity and embrace the responsibility to pursue learning that lasts a lifetime as they contribute to the world around them in unique, high-impact, and enduring ways.

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Summit Echoes 2023