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Statement of Belonging

At Summit, everybody is a somebody who belongs in our community of learners.  An abiding sense of belonging is a necessary catalyst for each of us to strive towards our fullest potential.

Belonging is realized when we 

  • Welcome diversity and its rich mix of differences in all dimensions that make each of us unique

  • Seek equity among our voices so that each of us is empowered to express our authentic selves and to be heard, respected and valued 

  • Embrace inclusion as we appreciate each others, broaden our perspectives and cultivate our empathy

We will guide our learners to appreciate these differences, to recognize and challenge biases, stereotypes and prejudices, and to act in strengthening our connected community.  We will not engage in activities that discriminate and will intervene when we observe disrespect for a person’s identity or individuality.  We will sustain a safe and welcoming environment where our learners belong.

3 students looking out of playhouse