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Center for Excellence & Innovation

Summit School’s Center for Excellence & Innovation (CEI) was founded in 2012 with a mission to offer professional education workshops and conferences that use the latest research, science and best practices to develop the talents, skills and passion for teaching among faculty and administrators.

Located in Winston-Salem, NC on the campus of Summit School, the Center for Excellence & Innovation invites independent, public, parochial, and charter school educators who are committed to creating powerful learning experiences drawing on the research and ideas of leading educational thinkers and child development experts. Our workshops and conferences blend theory with practical application, including the opportunity for teachers to observe, network, and/or develop their craft.

To learn more about course offerings, please email the appropriate Division Director below. 


Email Lisa Buschek, Triad Academy at Summit School

Email Tom Gething, Lower School

Email Misty Hyman, Upper School

Summit's Center for Excellence and Innovation

Professional Development Workshops, Visit Days, & Consulting

What our participants say....

I gained many resources that I could immediately use in my classroom. I also met many wonderful and brilliant people that were happy to exchange ideas with me.

Because it trained me (ongoing) to learn how to help my students understand Spanish in class (how to ‘comprehensify’ input), the impact that an increased focus on INput instead of OUTput can have on language acquisition, and what it looks like day to day to make this shift in instruction.

Responsive Classroom helped me the most. It reminded me to stop, focus and listen to the students. It gave me tools to deal with students who struggled to get along. It helped me achieve a calmer environment.

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