Lunch and Dining

Each day Summit students experience a nutritious and appealing lunch menu. The dining environment and experience are on a par with the exceptional curriculum in which we engage our students.

ACJ Dining Room for Young Children (Junior Kindergarten - 2nd Grade)

Monday, March 27

1) Greek Chicken with Cous Cous & Pita Bread
2) Ham & Cheese Wraps
with Greek salad

Tuesday, March 28

1) Cheesy Quesadillas
2) Turkey & Cheese Wraps
with Mexican beans

Wednesday, March 29

1) Tortellini with Red or White Sauce
2) Ham & Cheese Wraps
with steamed broccoli

Thursday, March 30

1) Baked Salmon
2) Turkey & Cheese Wraps
with green beans

Friday, March 31

1) French Toast Casserole
2) Cheerios & Milk
with turkey sausage

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Our Dining Room for Young Children
The Anne Coggan Johnston Dining Room for Young Children was conceived as a place where children could carry over their understanding of nutrition, healthy living, and social skills and responsibility daily. Chef Susan Pfaff and her staff serve homemade healthy lunches that are cooked with the palates of young children in mind. Chef Pfaff works closely with families and students who have special dietary restrictions and food allergies. The children sometimes help make the menu and cook the food. In addition, they are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and recycling.

** Sunbutter and Jelly or Sunbutter Sandwiches are available everyday.Visitors are welcome to join us for lunch in the Anne Coggan Johnston Dining Room for Young Children starting October 1. The cost for each guest is $5.00. Please be sure to pay in the Business Office and sign in on the sheet in the Dining Room. To avoid overcrowding, we will limit the daily number of guests to two per homeroom. Please call ext. 1000 for reservations. While you dine with the children, we ask your help in engaging all students in conversations, reminding them of good manners and assisting them with clean-up routines. We look forward to your visits.** Fresh Fruit is served with all meals. The Dining Room for Young Children does not use peanut-based products due to student allergies. For this reason, please do not send peanut products to school with your children.

Flik Dining Service (3rd - 9th Grade)

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