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2017-2018 Workshops, Visit Days, & Consulting

November 16 | TeamBuilding & TeamPlay: Guiding Community and Connection

Thursday, November 16, 2017, 9am - 2:30pm
$150 / individual or $125/ groups 3+ (lunch included)

Professional Development Workshop for Academic Leaders, Advisors, Guidance Counselors & Classroom Teachers!

Please join teambuilding gurus Jim Cain and Claire Marie Hannon in a workshop that supplies participants with an amazing collection of activities that build unity, community & connection in active, engaging, memorable, effective and fun ways! Jim and Claire will begin the workshop with a discussion of the psychology of purposeful play and the stages of group development followed by a collection of group activities that are not only fun, but build valuable life skills, connection, trust, character, leadership, teamwork and more.

This workshop will be limited to 25 participants so that participants will have time to work with Jim and Claire on designing a set of purposeful experiences to bring back to school the very next day.

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Nov, Dec, Feb 2017-2018 | Orton-Gillingham Associate Level Training for Educators

Orton-Gillingham Associate Level Training for Educators & Community Members

Course: November 9 - 10, November 30 - December 1, February 1 -2, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM (*February 22 is an inclement weather makeup day)

Seminar Evenings: February 21, February 28, March 14, April 18, May 2, 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Course Description: An intensive 70 hour course for individuals with a bachelor’s degree, it is the fundamental course in learning the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching. Participants will learn and gain an understanding of the structure of language and multisensory teaching.

Application is due by October 9, 2018. Applicants will be notified on a rolling admissions basis.

Public and Charter School Application

Community Member Application

Independent (non-public) School Application

November 6 | Early Childhood Summit

Early Childhood Summit

Monday, November 6, 2017, 9am - 2:30pm
$150 / individual or $125/ groups 3+ (lunch included)

"Perspectives on Early Childhood Literacy"

Educators, community members and parents are invited to join us for a day of explore perspectives in early childhood literacy. After an address by keynote speaker, Beth Moore, participants will attend sessions around topics including:

  • Connecting Spoken Language and Literacy
  • Supporting Gifted/Early Readers
  • Early Intervention Signs & Goalposts


October 3 | William Van Cleave | Writing in the Content Areas


Please email Suzanne Davis, Program Coordinator if you would like to be placed on our mailing list for future events like this.


Consultation Services & Offsite Workshops

The Center for Excellence & Innovation offers consultation services and off-site workshops offered by our teacher leaders and experts. Examples of past topics include:

  • Triad Academy | Summit School Merger- models, schedules, lessons learned
  • Mindfulness for Educators (2, 3, or 6 hour workshops)
  • Creating a Culture of Thinking (Typically a serious of 2 hour workshops)

Please contact us with questions about content and pricing.


Scholarship assistance for educators is offered for most Center for Excellence & Innovation events thanks to the help of philanthropic donors. Please reach out to Program Coordinator, Suzanne Davis - for inquiries.

Message from the Director

Dear Fellow Educator,

Summit School’s Center for Excellence & Innovation (CEI) was founded in 2012 with a mission to offer professional education workshops and conferences that use the latest research, science and best practices to develop the talents, skills and passion for teaching among faculty and administrators.

Located in Winston-Salem, NC on the campus of Summit School, the Center for Excellence & Innovation invites independent, public, parochial, and charter school educators who are committed to creating powerful learning experiences drawing on the research and ideas of leading educational thinkers and child development experts. Our workshops and conferences blend theory with practical application, including the opportunity for teachers to observe, network, and/or develop their craft.

Please take a moment to browse our workshops and conferences. We hope you'll find something that inspires you. See you soon!


Kristin Bennett

Director, Center for Excellence & Innovation

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